Puppy Training

Is your adorable puppy turning into a tiny whirlwind of chaos? Those playful fangs and boundless energy can sometimes leave your home feeling like a battleground. But don’t worry – we have the solution!

At Who’s Walking Who?, we understand that your new puppy may be overwhelmed by a world filled with strange sights and sounds. Puppies are looking to you for guidance, and we’re here to help you step into that leadership role confidently.

Our in-home puppy training sessions address common puppy woes and lay the foundation for a lifetime of good behavior. Our approach focuses on practical skills and positive reinforcement, resulting in immediate improvements for many clients.

training puppy on the grass

Our Puppy Training Covers a Range of Common Challenges:

House Training (Potty Training): Say goodbye to accidents in the house with effective potty training solutions.

Jumping: Teach your puppy polite greetings and discourage those exuberant leaps.

Puppy Biting / Mouthing: Nip the nipping in the bud and encourage gentler interactions.

Chewing: Protect your belongings from those sharp little teeth with expert guidance.

Digging: Save your garden from excavation projects and channel their energy constructively.

Establishing Boundaries: Create a safe and harmonious home environment for you and your puppy.

Barking and Whining: Address those vocal tendencies and promote peace and quiet.

Furniture Manners (if desired): Establish your preferences for furniture access.

Crate Training (if desired): A comfortable crate can become your puppy’s safe haven, and we’ll help you make it so.

Discover the joy of raising a well-mannered puppy with our expert guidance. For a firsthand demonstration and personalized consultation, contact us in the heart of San Diego County at 619-269-DOGS (3647). We’ll help you unlock your puppy’s full potential, fostering a loving and obedient companion.