Obedience Training

At Who’s Walking Who?, we’re committed to helping your canine companion thrive through our exceptional obedience training services. As pack animals, dogs find their true fulfillment when they understand their place within the pack hierarchy. Our mission is to empower you to become the pack leader your dog needs.

Our meticulously designed obedience dog training sessions go beyond conventional training methods. We equip you with the knowledge and techniques to establish clear rules and boundaries, fostering a harmonious relationship with your four-legged friend. Unlike many pet owners who inadvertently rely on human emotion, our approach ensures that your dog comprehends commands and expectations, resulting in a well-behaved and responsive pet.

three obidient dogs

Who’s Walking Who? Obedience Dog Training Can Address a Spectrum of Behavioral Challenges:

Off-Leash Control: Enjoy the freedom of walks and adventures without the restraint of a leash.

Leash Pulling Correction: End those tugging battles, making walks a pleasant experience for you and your dog.

Recall Training: Teach your dog to come when called, enhancing safety and off-leash reliability.

Chewing Solutions: Say goodbye to chewed-up belongings with effective behavior modification.

Digging Prevention: Safeguard your garden and lawn by curbing your dog’s digging instincts.

Boundary Establishment: Create a safe and well-defined space for your furry friend within your home.

Door Bolting Deterrence: Prevent risky escapes and enhance safety with our door bolting training.

Barking Control: End excessive barking, maintaining a peaceful living environment.

Furniture Training (if desired): Whether you want your pet on the furniture or not, we can help establish and maintain your preferences.

Our professional trainers will work with you to define rules and boundaries for you and your dog in private in-home sessions or in our Board & Train program. Call us for a demonstration and consultation in San Diego County at 619-269-DOGS (3647).