Training Philosophy

Welcome to a transformative approach to dog training, where balance and leadership is the key to building a deep, trusting bond between you and your dog. At Who’s Walking Who we employ a balanced approach to dog training. We believe that dogs are pack animals and function best when they have a pack leader to lean on. We believe in a harmonious blend of positive reinforcement and carefully applied tools, such as remote training collars, to shape well- mannered and happy dogs.

family with dog walking in park

Our Core Principles

Positive Reinforcement

We celebrate the power of positive reinforcement. Through praise, treats, and encouragement, we motivate your dog to make good choices, setting the stage for a positive learning experience.

Precision Training with Remote Collars

In addition to positive reinforcement, we employ remote training collars as a precise and humane tool. These collars simulate how dogs communicate allowing for clear communication and guidance, helping address specific behaviors while building and maintaining a strong connection between you and your dog.

We understand that dog training is a journey, and we’re here to support both you and your dog every step of the way. From new puppies to rescue dogs we focus on building a solid relationship through leadership, boundaries and clear communication. With our training programs there won’t be any situation you won’t have an answer for.


Life Skills through Obedience

Beyond basic commands, we instill essential life skills in your dog. From leash manners to socialization, our training sets the foundation for a well-rounded and well-behaved canine companion. Embark on a journey where learning is balanced, your dog knows what’s expected and can become the best version of themselves. Discover the joy of a well-trained and happy companion with Who’s Walking Who Dog Training.

Ready to explore the harmony of balanced training? Contact James today, and let’s start the journey to a well-behaved and joyful canine companion!