Dog Training for the Real World

Private Lessons

Private, in-home pet training lessons allow us to design a training regime specific to your dog. These private sessions help us learn what you and your dog need in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Board & Train

This program works well for owners whose physical limitations or time constraints keep them from working with their dogs. Owners will be required to attend follow up lessons to learn how to handle their newly trained companion.

three obedient dogs

Obedience Training

Obedience training helps you to better communicate with your canine companions while strengthening your bond. Our San Diego dog obedience school uses humane techniques that combines rules and regulations for your dog with praise and reward to create a balanced dog.

Puppy Training

We offer private San Diego puppy training to help you teach practical skills and nurture your puppy with the following juvenile training problems (as desired): House / Potty Training, Jumping, Puppy Biting / Mouthing / Chewing, Digging, Boundaries, Barking / Whining, Off the furniture & Crate Training.

training puppy on the grass
Behavior modification dog pulling on leash

Behavior Modification

Our personal behavior training addresses annoying issues such as nuisance barking, jumping, not responding when called, pulling on the leash, chewing, door bolting & getting on furniture. Our professional dog trainers will teach you how to train your dog to respond to your commands around real-world distractions.

Raw Food Revolution

We’re firm believers in the benefits of raw food diets for dogs. We’ve fed our own dogs raw food for 10+ years and have seen the benefits firsthand. Our clients wanted to know what they could do for their own dogs so we became distributors. We have a lot of experience & can answer your questions about pet nutrition.

Feeding dog with a healthy raw meat food diet

About Us

Our local dog trainers have over 20 years combined experience training dogs just like yours. Our in home dog training is based on pack psychology instead of food based motivation. We use a range of humane techniques proven to work on all types of dogs, from puppies to senior dogs. Our California service area includes most of San Diego County.  We cover San Diego, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Poway, Coronado, Alpine, El Cajon, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Escondido.  Visit our Service Areas page to see more of our dog training and obedience coverage area.

Allison Waite

Allison Waite

Co-owner and Office Manager

Allison has 15 years of experience in the raw pet food industry as well as 19 years of experience in canine massage. Her love for animals and excellent customer service make your experience at Who’s Walking Who? top notch.

James Waite

James Waite

Founder and Training Director

James Waite is an expert dog trainer with over 22 years of experience training all types of dogs across San Diego County. He takes a customized approach based on your dog’s unique needs, using proven techniques ranging from positive reinforcement to balanced training.

What truly sets him apart is his exceptional customer service and responsiveness. Clients often tell him they see incredible results after just the first session. He creates a clear training plan tailored to you and your dog’s exact goals. His genuine passion for dogs shines through in every interaction.

He specializes in obedience dog training, including for rescue dogs, deaf dogs, service animals, and other specialty cases. He also backs all his clients with ongoing support during and after training. His expertise, work ethic, and care for dogs and owners is why he has thrived in this business for over 22 years.

We were ready to take our dog, Grey, to the pound. He was constantly whining, digging, and disobeying our commands. Calling Who's Walking Who? saved Grey from the pound. The results from our new training techniques were instant. Now Grey is a new dog and much happier now that we know how to communicate with him. I can't believe we were almost ready to get rid of him.

Testimonial Item

Mike Smartt


We adopted our female yellow lab, Sunny, when she was almost 3 years old. She had been feasting off of the avocados that would fall from a tree in her previous owner's backyard. There is no easy way to put this - she was OBESE. The vet said she needed to lose 15 lbs, easily. We tried every "diet" dog food out there...we did portion control, exercise name it. Nothing worked. Then I remembered James...who had trained my mom's dog down in San Diego - and the food he fed his dogs. I called him up - and the rest is history. I just took Sunny to her annual check-up...she has lost 12 lbs in 12 months (a very safe pace)...and is the 'poster dog' for good health. The vet wanted to know our secret...she even marveled at the the lack of tartar buildup on Sunny's teeth, the shiny condition of her coat, and the absence of what were once chronic ear infections. On another equally important note - James and Allison provide the BEST customer service of any company in any industry I have ever dealt with. They are so friendly, helpful, and accessible. I cannot say enough good things all around!

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Christy Moya


When I began looking for a dog trainer, I was having difficulty finding one because of my disability. Going to a facility was not an option, so when Who's Walking Who? offered a demonstration and classes in my home, I jumped at the chance. I couldn't believe the difference in my dog from just the demonstration.

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Ron Alcantarino


Hi James. My daughter said I should tell you that the viral warts in Echo’s mouth significantly decreased in size since she has been on the raw diet. The day I picked it up from you guys they were growing in quantity and size. They were getting so big one was hanging out of her mouth at all times and her breath was terrible. Yesterday we noticed a significant difference in her breath and the warts have almost cleared up completely. It’s only been about 10 days. Also, Echo did great on Halloween with the trick or treaters coming to the door. She sat nicely by the door observing each time. She listens well “most”of the time on the first command. We still have trouble with her when it comes to food. She’ll jump on a counter or try to steal from the trash if our backs are turned. We’ve been keeping her away from other dogs since the warts were getting so crazy, so I’m sure we’ll have to do some work there as well. Thanks for the “tools” you taught us and the raw food resource.

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The training we received has turned our out-of-control puppy into a wonder dog. Had it not been for your expertise and patience, I don't know if we would have been able to keep him. Thanks to you, it is impossible to imagine him NOT being here.

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Joe and Dave